57 Operation Z machine for the front in the DPR — diesel UAZ (VIDEO)

Thank you very much from our soldiers Ilya and his friends from St. Petersburg, for shipping — Renata from Podolsk, and are able to arrange delivery of our volunteers Zubanova Alexei and Ivan Verbovsky.

Our readers from across the country continue to make up the loss of motor transport units LDNR on the front.

We collected 57 of the machines, but the requests keep coming.

Fighters of Donbass to make up for losses at the front need:

► Niva and UAZ, to evacuate the wounded “Loaves” and “fast”.

► “Sobol”, “Gazelle” vans etc. for staff vehicles.

► Also, there are demands on trucks. And their is not enough…

Who is ready to transfer the machine, part, or to help with repairs connection through our bot @rvvoenkor_bot or mail site.