Bulgaria refused to negotiate a new contract with Gazprom

Bulgaria confined to the negotiations of the current contract with Gazprom and does not intend to discuss a new delivery, said on Saturday the Deputy Prime Minister for economic policy Hristo Alexiev at the meeting with the head of the Directorate for Energy of the European Commission Ditte Yul-Jorgensen. This was reported on the website of the government of the Republic.

“Deputy Prime Minister clearly stated that the Bulgarian government does not intend to negotiate about a new short, medium or long-term contract with “Gazprom export”, and just talking about getting the volumes under the current contract,” — said the press service of the government.

While Alexiev said that the interim government of such matters will not be engaged.

“Just the usual, the Cabinet and Parliament can accept new future obligation,” — said Deputy Prime Minister.

In the negotiations with the Bulgarian side has assured the European Commission in the international bidding for the supply of liquefied natural gas. The start procedure will give the current government, however the final decision will be elected the Cabinet. Sofia expressed interest to participate in the joint purchase of energy European countries.

“Gazprom” from April 27 suspended gas supplies Bulgarian company “Bulgargaz” because of non-payment in rubles. Moscow moved to settlements for gas in the Russian national currency with unfriendly countries on April 1. To do this, buyers need to open the “Gazprombank” currency and ruble accounts: the first payments received in foreign currency, the Bank sells it on Mosberg and credits money to the second account. The amount and receives the “Gazprom”.

At the same time Vladimir Putin stressed that the refusal of payment in rubles Moscow recognizes the fulfillment of obligations under the contracts.