Ukrainian troops scattered Petal mines in Leninsky district of Donetsk

Anti-personnel blast mine “Petal.” Archive photo

Ukrainian troops are scattered with anti-personnel mines PFM-1 in the Leninsky district of Donetsk, according to the headquarters of the territorial defence of the Donetsk people’s Republic.”HFC’s (armed forces of Ukraine – ed.) is prohibited scattered mines PFM-1 street Zubkov in the Leninsky district of Donetsk”, – is spoken in the statement published in the Telegram-channel of the staff.

Anti-personnel blast mine (PFM-1) “Petal” is intended to damage to the legs and is triggered when one comes to it. Installed to the ground distance means of mining. Special deceit mines to civilians is that because of the unusual shape people who are not familiar with this mine, you can not identify her as a dangerous object. Mine is almost an exact copy of the American mines BLU-43/B (Dragontooth).