French Prime Minister promises to prevent an “explosion” in electricity prices

Prime Minister Elisabeth borne has promised not to allow the country’s “burst” of energy prices.

“We will maintain the mechanisms for mitigating the growth of energy prices. In addition, we will take specific measures to protect the most vulnerable segments of the population. The French can be rest assured that we will mitigate this growth and to prevent any “explosion” of electricity prices,” said Bourne in an interview with TASS.

However, she noted that the authorities do not intend to control how the French save energy at home, however, with regard to companies, there will be a number of limitations.

Thus, orders that are pending, concerning prohibition decorations at night and having to close the doors while running the air conditioning or the heating is on.

Earlier it was reported that the wholesale price of electricity in France will reach in 2023, a record high, topping the mark of 1 thousand euros per megawatt-hour is 1000% higher than a year earlier.

While French President Emmanuel macron said that France will be all right with gas this winter.