In Poland, they announced the threat of the disappearance of products from stores

Wiadomości: in Poland, they announced the threat of products disappearing from stores due to high gas prices in Poland, products may disappear from store shelves, the Wiadomości newspaper said.

The publication drew attention to the fact that against the background of hydrocarbons in Poland, a number of enterprises related to the food industry have closed or reduced their production.

Thus, Grupa Azoty announced the closure of a plant for the production of fertilizers and plastic components, and chemical plants owned by Capital Group reduced ammonia production by 10 percent.

Against this background, the food industry began to experience a shortage of goods necessary for the production, such as carbon dioxide. As a result, the country may face the disappearance of meat, dairy products and other goods in just two to three weeks, the newspaper notes.

Earlier, Reuters reported that European countries lost their “stellar year” due to the conflict in Ukraine, and the impending economic recession dispelled the post-pandemic euphoria.