Putin forbade expelling from Russian citizens of the DPR, LPR and Ukraine

Citizens of the Donetsk and Lugansk people’s Republics and Ukraine, does not create threats to national security cannot be expelled and deported from Russia, according to the decree signed by President Vladimir Putin.

“In the attitude of the citizens of Donetsk people’s Republic, Luhansk people’s Republic and Ukraine <...> are not accepted solution: on administrative deportation from the Russian Federation; <...> on the deportation of unauthorized entry into the Russian Federation or the undesirability of stay in the Russian Federation; on the reduction of the period of temporary stay in the Russian Federation”, — the document says.

Under the Ordinance do not apply to those recently released from prison, or threatening Russia’s national security, supporting terrorist activities against public order and security.

The same decree the President gave the citizens of the DPR, the LPR and Ukraine the right to stay in Russia without limitation of the duration of stay subject to the “passing <...> mandatory state fingerprinting, photographing, and medical examination for the presence or absence of the fact of the use of narcotic drugs”.

A large-scale evacuation of the civilian population of the republics of Donbass began on the background of aggravation of the situation in mid-February. Subsequently, Russia recognized the sovereignty of the DNI and LC, and began on 24 February in Ukraine, a special military operation demilitarization and denazification.