Is the war canceled? Kosovo and Serbia made mutual concessions on the law, which almost led to a clash

Kosovo and Serbia went on mutual concessions on the documents which were from 1 September to cause an armed conflict. The EU received assurances from the government of Kosovo for inbound documents for the Serbs.

This was stated on Twitter, the head of European diplomacy Josep Borrell.

According to him, Serbia also has agreed to make concessions on the issue of border-crossing documents issued from Pristina.

“In the framework of the dialogue, facilitated by the EU, Serbia has agreed to cancel the entry/exit documents for owners of Kosovo identity documents, and Kosovo agreed not to introduce them to the owners of Serbian identity.

Kosovo Serbs, like all other citizens, who can travel freely between Kosovo and Serbia, using its ID. The EU has just received assurances from the Prime Minister Kurti in this account,” wrote Borrell.

That is now Serbia is to let citizens with the documents it the unrecognized Kosovo. Instead of Pristina agreed to reverse its decision not to recognize the Serbian documents, forcing those living in Kosovo Serbs to documents in the “country”.