Biden, helping Ukraine, thinks about his own benefits, the expert believes

The President of the United States Joe Biden . Archive photo

The administration of Joseph Biden, giving large-scale military aid to Ukraine, thinks first of all about their profits than about the Ukrainian people, and that the White house has their own motives, said to RIA Novosti is a leading Russian analyst of the Agency for political and economic communications Mikhail Neizhmakov.

Earlier, the President of the USA Joe Biden has pledged the largest military aid package to Ukraine nearly $ 3 billion.

“Analyzing the decision of the administration of Joseph Biden to allocate a new package of assistance to Ukraine, we should not ignore the political motives. As you know, this initiative does not imply a direction of Kiev weapons from pre-existing stocks and orders for its manufacturing to the U.S. defense industry. The democratic party of the United States may try to use this argument on the eve of the fall midterm elections in Congress, parried accusations that part of the critics, who called appreciable amounts of aid to Ukraine was too ambitious in light of the economic crisis affecting America itself. Now supporters of the ruling party can be noted that the aid to Kiev means new jobs for American citizens,” – said the Agency interlocutor.

According to him, the enterprises of a number of corporations who can win at the expense of such orders, located in the United States, where the positions of Democrats and so durable.

“For example, a contract for the supply of anti-aircraft missile system NASAMS Initiative to promote security of Ukraine was signed with Raytheon Technologies Corporation, with headquarters in Massachusetts. By the way, earlier it was reported that in the period from the beginning to March 25, 2022 the price of shares of the company on the background of aggravation of the situation around Ukraine and expectations of a further increase in defence spending has increased in price by about 20%. Massachusetts is a state with strong positions of the Democrats on the Federal election. In 2020, Joe Biden has won the Donald trump – 65,6% against 32.1% of votes. Both Senator from the state, and indeed the majority of the members of the house of representatives of the U.S. Congress from this territory, represent the democratic party, one of them is rival Biden in the primary election 2020 Elizabeth Warren,” said Neizhmakov.

The expert stressed that the incumbent Governor Charles Baker is a Republican, but the greatest chance to change his post, according to the ratings, just Democrat Maura Healey, attorney General of the state.

“However, the positive agenda is needed in areas where the position of the democratic party and durable, also in industrial areas of the same mA support Republicans were more noticeable. In General, it is possible that the topic has been discussed or potential orders for the U.S. military in support of Ukraine may become a component of the agenda of the democratic party and the swing States, including a number of industrial areas “rust-belt”, for the support that has traditionally struggled Donald trump and his successors in the Republican party,” he said.

Neizhmakov also noted that critics within the United States, declaring insufficient support to Kiev, as well as the authorities of the Ukraine this aid package is unlikely to satisfy to the end.

“First, it is, nevertheless, help with delayed effect, again suggests that the products concerned are yet to be made. No wonder the coordinator of the Council of the US national security, strategic communications John Kirby noted that the supply of this package Kiev will have to wait longer, and the Deputy head of the Pentagon for political Affairs Colin KAHL recalled that these supplies are not intended “to influence today’s fight.” Second, this aid package while not imply supplies to Kiev, for example, fighters, or some types of army tactical missile systems capable of hitting targets at long distances, the necessity of which was stated by the representatives of Ukraine”, – said the expert.

According to the analyst, from the foreign policy point of view is, among other things, one step under pressure from Washington to Moscow.

“Remind US again that can affect the course of the conflict, and it doesn’t use all the opportunities available to them within the framework of military-technical assistance to Kiev. That is, the us reserves the space. Also the similar aid to Kyiv for the longer term could be another justification for strengthening military infrastructure in NATO’s Eastern flank. After all, the Ukrainian military will need to train for the use of these weapons and it is expected that the US and its allies will be configured to conduct such training, including near the conflict zone” – summed up Neizhmakov.