A woman returning to Severodonetsk said that she dreamed of getting home

Severodonetsk. Archive photo

A woman, whose family returned in Severodonetsk in the LC of Ukraine, told reporters that they wanted to get home and will be very happy to accept Russian citizenship.

Now the family is in the grey area at the only checkpoint in the border town of Vasylivka Zaporozhye region.”We’re coming home, we had a military action, our house got the first for the bombing that happened in late February-early March… We had no time to gather belongings, documents, even left two dogs little, thinking back. Save the children, the elderly, endured all 15 bags, strollers. We thought wasn’t going (to go), I thought that in the basement we’ll stay…” – says the woman.

According to her, in Ukraine they were treated kindly, but the change had 12 seats. “We have long made the decision (to return) home… and already exhausted back, we are very happy and we are not afraid of anything, without light, without water… because we really want to go home. It is with great pleasure (we obtain citizenship of the Russian Federation), we are all family, we all Russian,” she said.

As previously reported by the head of the city administration Vasylivka Natalia Romanchenko daily to 700 people back from Ukraine in the liberated territory through Vasylivka.

Russia in February, has recognised the Donetsk and Lugansk people’s Republic, the LC and the DNI has expressed a desire to join the group. Also, the desire to become part of Russia said in Kherson and Zaporizhia oblasts. As highlighted by the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov, the possibility of holding a referendum on joining the Russian Federation – the plans of the inhabitants of these regions, not Russia.