“Supports the most corrupt country in the world”: Americans were outraged by Biden’s statement about Ukraine

Twitter users from the United States criticized the White house Joe Biden, who called the Ukraine as a democratic state.

Earlier, the us leader issued a congratulatory message in honor of the independence Day of Ukraine. In it the President of the United States said that Washington will continue to support Kiev, which “protects its sovereignty and democracy.”

“Ukrainians gained independence and allowed the Nazis to flourish. They are not so independent,” said one of the participants.

“Joe Biden supports the most corrupt country in the world. Our money!” — was indignant MatthewJshow.

“If you think that Ukraine is a little closer to democracy, you have no standards,” said another user.

“No need to give them our hard-earned money!” — called aka.

“We need to send them $ 500 billion, so they celebrated,” he commented ironically AMC 2 Moon.

“Independence day? In fact, they are very dependent on American taxpayers,” he reminded Chasin’ 8.