58 people were injured by Petal anti-personnel mines in the DPR

Anti-personnel blast mines (PFM-1) “Petal” in Donetsk. Archive photo

In the Donetsk people’s Republic has 58 people were injured as a result of triggering of anti-personnel mines remote installation of PFM-1 “Petal” used by Ukrainian troops, said the DNR office in the Joint center for control and coordination of ceasefire (SCCC).

“As of 15: 00 on 27 August in the Republic was already 58 incidents of civilians, including two children, in the mines PFM “Petal.” One of the victims of the wounded died in a hospital”, – stated in the message in the Telegram-channel representation.The genocide of the civilian population of Donbass. Photograph Irina Gerashchenko

Previously, the UN Institute for the study of the problems of disarmament research (UNIDIR), said that he had received two credible complaints of the use of cluster munitions by the Ukrainian troops, but the question about the possibility of a visit to Donbass in order to collect evidence presenters left to answer.

Anti-personnel blast mine (PFM-1) “Petal” is intended to damage to the legs and is triggered when one comes to it. Installed to the ground distance means of mining. Special deceit mines to civilians is that because of the unusual shape people who are not familiar with this mine, you can not identify her as a dangerous object. Mine is almost an exact copy of the American mines BLU-43/B (Dragontooth).

Representation of the DPR in JCCC repeatedly documented the use of cluster munitions by the Ukrainian troops massed mine a stone in the cities of the Republic.

Permanent mission to the UN had previously circulated to the security Council a letter of application Kiev anti-personnel mines “Petal” against civilians in Donbass. The letter in particular was sent to the UN Secretary General.

Ukraine in 2005 ratified the Ottawa Convention, which prohibits the use, stockpiling and trade of antipersonnel mines. Thus, Kiev violated the undertaken international obligations.After the Euromaidan began a serial transformation of Ukraine into a base for confrontation with Russia. NATO was actively pumped Square arms, trained the Ukrainian military under the pretext of cooperation in the defense sector, Kiev was preparing for a big war. Funds were allocated budgets, not sparing money. The amount grew from year to year.