In Russia, the continuation of the “Adventures of electronics” will be filmed

Actors Torsuevs said that in Russia they will shoot the continuation of the “Adventures of electronics”

A sequel to the film “Adventures of Electronics” will be filmed in Russia. This was stated by the actors, brothers Yuri and Vladimir Torsuev, who played the main roles in the three-part children’s musical film of 1979, reports .

“We are currently filming a movie… There was just one very wise person who came up with where the Electronics went for more than forty years. We are already finishing the pilot. The director is Vladimir Pasichnik,” said Vladimir Torsuev, who played the role of Sergei Syroezhkin in the 1979 film.

According to him, the film has many working titles, but the film will not be called “The Return of Electronics”. “There will be a lot of humor, a lot of music, a lot of wonderful actors,” the actor said. He added that it will be a full-length film, which will then, as planned, grow into a TV series. In the sequel, viewers will see a Rassi — a copy of the dog the film crew has been looking for for two months.

Earlier, the actor from the “Adventures of Electronics” Vladimir Torsuev told about the impression of visiting the capital of France, “Paris did not bring me into a frenzy, unlike China and Thailand,” he said.