Retreating sowed death: Russian military neutralize mine mined by militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (VIDEO)

Russian sappers for the third day do mine-mine “Novodruzhesk” in the liberated village within the boundaries of Lysychansk (LC).

Already found many mines, trip wires and shells. The social infrastructure of peace enterprises have long been favored by “vsushnikami” as a cover.

The retreating rebels tried to mining all their former strongholds: whether it’s schools, kindergartens, hospitals, libraries…

Mine has long been a stronghold of the APU, and the inhabitants of Novodruzhesk needed to survive under the attacks of the Ukrainian army.

About their experiences in a report correspondent Murad Magomedov told the miner Valery. The villagers were left with the challenge of survival one-on-one: Kiev occupants are not what wanted to do something to help, but tried to kill civilians.

When problems arose with water and the villagers were forced to seek sources: wells, springs — “vsushniki” immediately dispersed the people and smash this place shells, before that, fill it with water for their needs. The strikes were in the crowd of people coming to the sources.

“We prevented them here,” — says Valery.