APU struck at Energodar and Zaporizhia NPP

27 Aug Energodar is under artillery shelling by Kiev-controlled territories, said a member of the General Council of new civil-military administration (CAA) of Zaporizhia oblast Vladimir Rogov.

“At the moment there is a shelling of Energodar, coastline, which had previously been destroyed by a yacht club,” he said on the air “nightingales Live” on Saturday morning.

In the administration of Enerhodar later said that the fire was opened from 9:37 of the weapons caliber 155 mm.

“Last night recorded 20 artillery strikes on the city of Energodar, five of which were directly on the territory of Zaporizhzhya NPP”, — stated in the message of administration of the city.

Zaporizhzhya is located on the left Bank of the Dnieper, near the Enerhodar. It is the largest by number of units and installed capacity of nuclear power plants in Europe. Since March she is under the protection of the Russian military.

The Ukrainian army continues to shell the town and the surrounding area of the station.

In the near future it is expected the visit of the expert group of the International Agency for atomic energy (IAEA). As stated by the President of France Emmanuel macron, Russia and Ukraine have provided security assurances to send a mission.