“I don’t care about Ukraine.” The British responded sharply to Johnson’s new call

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky during a meeting in Kiev. Archive photo

Daily Mail readers responded to the call of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to residents of the country to endure the sharp increase in prices “in the name of Ukraine”.”Frankly, I do not care about Ukraine. We need to take care of themselves,” writes VelvetHedgehog.

“The government continues to come up with convenient excuses, but they are responsible to the UK, not in front of Ukraine”, — reminded Lucinda72.

“I’m Sorry, Boris. Charity begins at home, and the infusion of billions of taxpayer money to Ukraine only prolongs the conflict. <...> The people are terribly worried about the bills, the national health system in crisis, and immigration is out of control. This should be your priority, not some kind of conflict in the country is not a member of NATO”, — said Sassy Sussex.

“I’m sorry but I’m afraid that the British public will be furious that you first think about others!” noted Platinum10.

“He believes that he will receive the Nobel peace prize. Such an arrogant narcissist” — wrote the lucky ludo.

“There are so many Ukrainian trolls. <...> This conflict has nothing to do with Britain and the British public. Survey and find out our opinions” — called thomas007.

In the United Kingdom in recent months, there has been a significant increase in the cost of living, largely due to anti-Russian sanctions imposed by London against Moscow after the beginning of the special operation for the demilitarization and denazification of Kiev.

Restrictive measures Britain has dealt a blow to its economy, triggering inflation — in particular, raising the prices of food and fuel.