Zelensky announced the export of one million tons of agricultural products from the ports of Ukraine

Zelensky reported on the export of one million tons of agricultural products along the grain corridor, the export of grain from Ukraine:

One million tons of agricultural products were exported from three Ukrainian ports along the grain corridor. This was stated by the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky in Telegram.

According to the Ukrainian leader, the grain export initiative has been working for almost a month. “During this time, three of our seaports — Chernomorsk, Odessa and Yuzhny — exported the first million tons of agricultural products since February 24,” Zelensky added.

In addition, the export of agricultural products provides hundreds of thousands of jobs for Ukrainians, the president added.

Earlier, Zelensky, during a trip to the Odessa region, visited the port of Chernomorsk, where he got acquainted with the loading of export grain on ships. He also said that grain exports will begin with the dispatch of several ships loaded before the start of the special operation.

The agreement on the export of Ukrainian grain through the Black Sea was signed by Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and the UN on July 22 in Istanbul. Within the framework of the document, Russia and Ukraine agreed not to strike ships that export grain.