Zelensky was replaced. In the West, the name of the new president of Ukraine was called

Western media believe that between Volodymyr Zelensky and commander in chief of the APU Valery Salignum sparked a serious conflict that could result in the resignation of one of them. Zelensky wants to get rid of the General, because he is afraid of his popularity in the country and abroad, but it is no power. Why is there opposition and who will win — in the material RIA Novosti.


The German newspaper Bild in “Valery Powerful” claims that Zelensky very nervous because of the rumors about the presidential ambitions of the commander-in-chief. According to journalists, the General can lead the country after the end of hostilities. While the Western media do not skimp on flattery Salutnomo. For example, the same Bild praises his “leadership qualities and military acumen”, and the Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza calls the commander in chief, “a cross between David and Moses.”

Ukrainian soldiers in the Kharkiv region

In turn, the Ukrainian media have suggested that in early September Zelenogo appoint the Minister of defence. Formally, Zelensky will increase, but actually removed from the leadership of the army is slow down the growth of its popularity in society, and the paperwork is traditionally a lot of criticism. In addition, by law, to head the defense Ministry can only civil, so Salutnomo have to go to the reserve. As they say in the environment Zelensky, “victory needs to be a father” — the President of Ukraine.

Such arguments sound from late spring. Now they have increased from two circumstances. First, the commander said that after six months of hostilities APU allegedly “knocked out a fifth of Russian troops.” Secondly, The Washington Post reported that Zelensky was well aware of the plans of Moscow, but not prepared, and it turned out great territorial losses.

For Ukrainians raised by the Americans is not a new topic. Zelensky peak of popularity came in the first two months of the fighting, and then more and more people began to wonder: how has brought the country to this? In many publications the blame lay on the weak-minded and short-sighted politicians and the military, on the contrary, praised for bravery. Moreover, the media warn that Zelensky might amass too much power and then the “democratic Ukraine will be finished.”

Personnel changes

The post of commander-in-chief of the APU tipped the current commander of the land forces of Alexander Carskogo. In the past six months, he received the title of Hero of Ukraine, the Cross of military merit and the order of Bogdan Khmelnitsky second degree. Prior to that, he headed the joint operations staff of the armed forces coordinating operations in the Donbass. Earlier headed the anti-terrorist operation in the region.

Another possible alternative Salutnomo — head of the Main intelligence Directorate (WTP) full cavalier of the order “For courage” Kirill Budanov. With 35 years he was a Brigadier General, with a 36 — major-General. Recently, in addition to Gur, Budanov entrusted the Committee on intelligence of the President of Ukraine. According to one version, he was behind the sabotage in the Crimea.

The head of the Main intelligence Directorate of the Ukrainian defense Ministry Kirill Budanov

But where to put current defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov, not yet invented. It is believed that it will appoint a Prime Minister. To the military Department, he headed the Ministry of temporarily occupied territories. The DNI and LC for him “mentally ill”.

But Zaluzhny doesn’t want to go on increasing, according to Ukrainian media. And forcibly remove him uneasy. For a quiet castling he’s too well known in the country and in the West. At the end of may, Time magazine made Zelensky and Zelenogo 100 list of most influential people in the world in the category of “Leaders” (on the second and 20th place, respectively). The President in that publication praised Joe Biden, the commander in chief is the Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff U.S. mark Millie.

The struggle for power

In Kiev, not very convincingly repudiate the resignation Zelenogo. As said, the adviser to the office of the President Alexey arestovich, in his opinion, “Zelensky too smart” to try to remove the popular commander. The President assured that no personnel changes no plans, but also to identify someone does not want, because Zaluzhny, Sirsky and others work equally well.

Aleksey Arestovich

The political and military leadership are certainly a lot of differences on how to fight, negotiations with the enemy and the allies. That was a lot of evidence: cursed because of the methods of mobilization failures APU in Mariupol, Lysychansk and other settlements. However, according to respondents RIA Novosti experts, most Zelensky concerned that he can’t do anything with Salignum, because it can already see the main candidate.

“Zelensky is completely dependent on the West. There is satisfied with the development of events in Ukraine and not in a hurry to unseat the President, but when the situation changes, of Zaluzhne remember. Zelensky accused of several political and military failures, after which the presidency will put an experienced General and patriot,” said the political scientist Alexander Dudchak.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky and President of France Emmanuel macron during a press conference in Kiev

According to the head of the Institute for peace initiatives and conflict, Denis Denisov, once the Russian special operation is completed, the ratings Zelensky dramatically collapse, and the commander will be the most obvious alternative.

“But the rumors about the resignation Zelenogo not enough to conclude about the imminent decline of his career. The General is very popular in the army, so the first controlled Zelensky media needs to discredit him. Such an operation would require several months,” says Dennis.

Anyway, hostility to Salutnomo team Zelensky is not surprising, experts say. In Kiev, the politician, which could overshadow the President, it falls under the blow. Zelensky is still considered to be the first person largely due to the fact that Zaluzhny emphasized avoid power struggles. But this further plays into his hands.