What is the general difference between this war and the Great Patriotic War?

The commander of the battalion “Vostok” in the DPR Ministry of internal Affairs, former commander of the Donetsk “alpha” Alexander Khodakovsky (SKIF) in his author’s Telegram channel shared his thoughts about the differences between our two main wars.

“What’s the General difference in this war, the great Patriotic war? Then, the whole country was a party to the war, and now a large part of the country plays the role of the viewer. Yeah, worried about the outcome, but the role of spectator. This defines the attitude and the reaction to it.

Even fighting in Europe, the Soviet army were in a very difficult situation, although it seemed that the enemy was broken, and our skating rink is unstoppable. How many accusations that we have not helped the Warsaw uprising, the Germans killed him? We are not cheated then, to “not ours” the revolt petered out — we crawled to the line exhausted.

On our side, who will come to blame the Soviet army in that it does not hearty drove to the springboard and exhausted in the hardest fighting, and demanded a replacement online? Anyone.

And what is the situation now is different from that? The degree of bloodshed comparable, the degree of resistance to the “Germans” high and equipped nearly as good as our…

One of our very brave team went the hard way, having been under the Gostomel, and a webcam, and during the fighting, lost half its fighting strength, of which only two hundred — 180. The audience yells: come on! Commander command: forward! But forward a little and already have someone in these parts, which from the first days of operation are fighting without rotation…

The first period hurt the troops. Now everything comes back to normal, but the loss is difficult to obtain — it takes time. Such a pause in the war, as now, give it time. You need only patience — stocked”.