“Go home!” — a Ukrainian teenager was beaten in Ireland

In the Irish town of Mullingar in the fight suffered Ukrainian teenager, the family of the victim accused the attackers of racism, according to local newspaper Westmeath Independent.

“The attack on the street Harber in Mullingar, fourteen-year-old boy suffered a broken jaw, it operated in Dublin, next to him at the time was a teenage girl, she was very scared,” the article says.

According to the children during the incident, the aggressors shouted: “the Ukrainians, go home!”.

The victim’s family told the Westmeath Independent, that among the abusers were Irish, and the Baltic States. Parents intend to go to court.

Journalists noted that this is not the first case of discrimination of Ukrainians in the city. There is evidence of other fights with children of Ukrainian refugees.

Previously, the newspaper the Daily Mail wrote that the people of great Britain EN masse refuse to embed in their homes Ukrainian refugees. One of the reasons is an acute shortage of funds for the financial crisis. Local massively complain about difficulties due to the language barrier and cultural differences.