“Sex, money laundering, more sex”: the trailer of the film about Biden’s son is published (VIDEO)

On Youtube there was a trailer of the film, Robert Davi “My son hunter” about the scandalous lives of the younger son of the President of the United States Joe Biden.

The film tells about the relationship of hunter’s father, a corrupt business Biden Jr. and his dissolute lifestyle.

“Attention! This film contains sex, prostitution, drugs, nepotism, money laundering, more sex, a laptop from hell, Chinese spies, Ukrainian “businessmen” by the Communist party of China, the sale of America and family,” says the description of the picture.

The role of hunter Biden, played by British actor Laurence Fox (known from the movie “Jane Austen”), and Joe Biden — American John James (“Dynasty”). The film also played by Gina Carano, Kelly Reiter and Jovan Stevic.

The premiere will take place on 7 September in the United States.