A German journalist questioned the ability of Russians to buy cookies and chocolate

The correspondent of FAZ Wagner doubted that Russians have money for cookies and chocolates, the correspondent of the German newspaper FAZ in Moscow, Katarina Wagner, doubted the ability of Russians to buy chocolate, cookies and coffee of famous brands.

According to the journalist, the shelves in the stores of the Russian capital are still full, “it is almost not noticeable that something is missing.”

“Most of the usual items are still in place: Nutella pasta, Oreo cookies, Jacobs and Tchibo coffee, Persil and Ariel laundry powders, Milka chocolate, Lindt and Ritter Sport, Snickers, Mars and Milky Way,” the columnist listed.

“But who really can afford all this in Russia?” the German woman wondered.

The author of the article clarified that most residents of Russia cannot afford the products of well-known foreign brands, people have been buying cheaper domestic analogues of the above goods for a long time. Wagner justified her conclusion with a survey of two pensioners in a supermarket, among whose purchases there were no Western goods.