Demand for solar panels is growing in Britain due to electricity prices

The demand for solar panels in the UK is rising due to the increase in electricity tariffs, reports Bloomberg.

“The demand for the installation of solar panels is increasing, while British families seek to mitigate the effect of increased electricity bills this winter,” the message reads.

According to the owner of the company Alteron Electrics Jez of Brinklow, wait for the installation have two to three months, although I needed only one month. “It’s all to save money,” he commented.

According to the Solar Energy UK, the industry Association in the UK for solar energy, the development of new capacity comes at a record pace. In the second quarter panels on the roofs of houses made of 95 megawatts of power, which is three times more than in the same period last year.

Although the installation cost of solar panels from two to five kilowatts increased by 15%, the payback period will still be reduced due to the increase in electricity prices.

Earlier, the British energy regulator Ofgem 1 April raised the maximum amount of annual electricity bills by 54% to almost 2 thousand pounds for consumers due to the sharp rise in world energy prices. Following increased maximum to pay the bills, which will come into force in January next year, will be announced on November 24. Previously a consulting company in energy Auxilione made a prediction that in January the maximum amount of annual accounts for the energy consumption in the UK will be 5 066 pounds, and since April — a record 6 552 lbs.