The silovik told about the recruitment of Ukrainians traveling to Russia by the SBU

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has been recruiting Ukrainians traveling to Russia since 2014. Since 2014, the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has been massively recruiting Ukrainian citizens who often travel to Russia, forcing them to transmit data about the Russian military in Crimea and other regions.

An employee of the Russian law enforcement agencies told RIA Novosti about this.

According to him, taxi drivers, carriers and people visiting their relatives in Russia, as well as citizens crossing the border, were recruited. The security forces learned that the SBU and Ukrainian border guards blackmailed them under any pretext, for example, threatened to close the entrance to Ukraine for five years or burn the car.

The interlocutor of the agency also provided documents of the current employees of the SBU and the State Border Service of Ukraine (GPSU), who continue to recruit Ukrainians. According to him, the residents of Kherson and the region themselves helped to find out about the scheme of the recruiters’ work. He added that now the SBU officers have left for Kiev-controlled areas of Ukraine, where they continue to conduct operational work.

Earlier, the FSB showed a video of a Ukrainian intelligence agent detained in Kursk for espionage. The footage shows special forces soldiers pulling a man out of a car. He admits that he was recruited by the Ukrainian special services in February 2018 on compromising terms. The man received a pseudonym and money for expenses. He was assigned to collect information about Russian servicemen and their families under the guise of a furniture collector.