Biden called the ideology of Trump supporters semi-fascism

The President of the USA Joe Biden sharply criticized supporters of his predecessor Donald trump in the Republican party. According to Biden, the program of the Republicans that support trump, approaching polyphasia.

This definition is the head of the White house gave Thursday on the event of the National Committee of the Democratic party, which was organized in anticipation of the November Congressional elections in high school in Montgomery County, in the suburbs of Washington.

The President, who soon will visit several States on the East and West coasts, hoping to support the candidates of the Democratic party and to prevent the Republicans take control of Congress.

Speaking at the rally, Biden stressed the difference in the programs of Democrats and Republicans, noting that voters in the upcoming midterm elections will have the opportunity to make their choice.

“Now we see either the beginning or final death knell of the extreme program MAGA. And it’s not just trump. It’s a whole philosophy similar to polyfuses, Biden said, referring to trump’s slogan “Make America great again”” (Make America Great Again, MAGA).

The President also stressed his leadership in building the unity of NATO special operations against Russia in Ukraine and the restoration of cooperation with the allies after the presidency of trump.

“I underestimated how much damage the reputation of America in the world has caused the previous four years,” Biden said.

Republicans hope to win the election in November. The Democrats have a slim majority in the House of representatives, while the Senate seats are divided equally.