The British woman hosted Ukrainians and bitterly regretted it

The girl with the poster “the Refugees are always welcome” on the streets of London, UK. Archive photo

A resident of Britain told the tabloid The Daily Mail about his experience on the admission of refugees from Ukraine, calling his decision a “catastrophe”.

Single mom Clara Maguire from Poole, who lost shortly before the pandemic COVID-19 husband, they have taken a Ukrainian woman and her daughter. According to 54-year-old British women, the guest-Ukrainian earn about £ 700 a month (49.5 per thousand) in the French work, the same amount it received in the form of child benefits. While Maguire was forced to make room for them two bedrooms, “to carry them everywhere,” including doctors and ride with them in a Polish supermarket, because Ukrainka “‘t eat British food.” Guests refused to walk their dogs together to eat and “even to drink water or coffee.”

“The worst thing is that after all that we have prepared and provided them my house, we never received a single word of gratitude… They were not going to integrate and didn’t understand how important it is to be grateful… It was awful,” added Maguire. Thus, according to the woman, she still had not paid a grant in the amount of 350 pounds (24.7 thousand) that was issued to each host family.

Maguire said that after everything feel “undervalued and fully used,” vowing “never again” not to participate in the scheme for reception. She called the experience a “catastrophe”. “We have never felt so uncomfortable in our own homes, as with them,” the woman complained.

According to Daily Mail, the case Maguire is one of a growing number of situations, when the British out of the programs for refugees because of the breakup with your guests.

According to official information of the Control of the UN high Commissioner for refugees for the period 24 February-5 July with Ukraine went around 8.8 million people.