Zelensky’s brazen lies at the UN continue to be revealed: at the Chaplino station, the rocket attack destroyed the horsemen, not the civilians (PHOTO)

A blatant lie Zelensky at the UN continue to open: on the station Chaplino missile strike destroyed Vsushniki, not a peace.

Zelensky the day before yesterday, blatantly lied to the UN about the missile strike of the Russian army on the peace train to Chaplino.

And now the Ukrainian media and officials publish the first obituaries for the eliminated militants APU, whose troop train was destroyed on the station Chaplino in the Dnipropetrovsk region on August 24.

Photo — Andrew kravchishin from Stebnik city in the Lviv region. Member of the “ATO”, 24 artillery brigade APU.

The second — also a native of Lviv and member of the war against the civilian population of Donbass since 2014 Stepan Kotnik.

According to the defense Ministry of the Russian Federation: in the train destroyed up to 200 military APU.