Anfisa Chekhov told about her life in the USA

TV presenter Anfisa Chekhov said that she enjoys life in the United Statesanfisa Chekhov admitted that she is surprised by fans’ questions about what can be done abroad and noted that she enjoys life in the United States.

The TV presenter made the statement on her Instagram page (a social network banned in Russia; owned by Meta Corporation, which is recognized as extremist in Russia and banned).

“What are you doing in Houston, Dallas, Austin, America?” These questions surprise me, honestly. I’m enjoying life! Why do we need this life at all if we don’t enjoy it?” said Chekhov.

Also on her page, Chekhov spoke about the attitude towards Russians in America, assuring subscribers that “people here are very responsive and sociable.” However, the TV presenter stressed: “I am Russian, I was born like this and I will remain like this, no matter what country I live in.”

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