The NPT Conference failed to agree on a final document

Chairman Zlauvinen: The participants of the NPT conference did not agree on the final document The participants of the Review Conference of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) did not agree on the final document, because they could not come to a consensus on the substantive part.

This was stated at the final meeting of the conference by its chairman Gustavo Zlauvinen, reports TASS.

“It was not possible to reach consensus on the substantive part,” he said, adding that consensus was reached on the procedural part setting the dates for the next NPT conference in 2026 and preparations for it.

Thus, the document was adopted only in the procedural part, Zlauvinen summed up.

Earlier, Gustavo Zlauvinen said that negotiations on a new version of the START-3 treaty or on its extension will take a long time, so the sooner representatives of Russia and the United States can start them, the more chances they will have before the end of the document in 2026.