Russia evacuated almost 25 thousand people from Donbass and Ukraine

Girl waving from the cab of the truck during the evacuation . Archive photo

Russia in spite of the obstacles by the Kiev authorities evacuated during the day, almost 25 thousand people from dangerous areas of Ukraine, the DPR and LPR, just evacuated about 3.7 million people, said the head of the Interdepartmental coordination headquarters of the Russian Federation for humanitarian response – the head of the National control center of defense of the Russian Federation, Colonel-General Mikhail little fingers.

“Despite the active opposition of the regime in Kiev, over the past day without the participation of the Ukrainian authorities from dangerous areas of Ukraine and the republics of Donbass at the territory of the Russian Federation evacuated 24 859 people, including 3 655 children, and from the beginning of a special military operation – 3 680 474 inhabitants, of whom 587 186 children,” said the little fingers at a briefing on Friday.

He said that the border of Russia crossed almost 624 thousands of private cars.

Mezentsev said that Russia employs more than 9.5 thousand temporary accommodation for refugees. Also, according to him, from those wishing to evacuate 2139 settlements of Ukraine and controlled by the Kiev authorities in the territory of the DNI has received more than 2.76 million hits.