Russian special services monitored the training of the Ukrainian military in Germany — Der Spiegel

Russian intelligence agencies monitored the training of the Ukrainian military in Germany. It was reported by Der Spiegel.

According to the German military counterintelligence service, MAD, Russian agents was monitored, including with the help of drones, the preparation of Ukrainians near the town of Idar-Oberstein, Rhineland-Palatinate, as well as near the town of Grafenwoehr, Bavaria, Germany.

In Idar-Oberstein instructors Bundeswehr was trained soldiers of the APU using the Panzerhaubitze 2000 self-propelled guns. At Grafenwoehr American military conducted exercises in the use of artillery systems made in the USA.

The staff MAD after the commencement exercises began to notice a suspicious car, which was conducted surveillance of the roads leading to the military installations, and over training centres were recorded flying small drones.

According to Der Spiegel, the Russian agents could also try to access the phones of Ukrainians.