In Germany, a serious crisis was predicted for the Zelensky government

German newspaper Handelsblatt found in the behavior of the team of Vladimir Zelensky a sign of the coming political crisis over the future of the hard winter.

“Prior to the conflict, Zelenskiy, along with the head of his administration, the former film producer Andriy Yermak is constantly engaged in micro-and tried to intervene personally in all the details of various government processes.

Now the President is fully focused on military and diplomatic issues, while economic issues were submitted to the government”, — stated in the material.

According to the author, this winter, Ukraine will face severe heating crisis, but the blame is going to shift to the shoulders of the head of government of Denis Smagala, “moving so Zelensky from the blow”.

For Ukraine is rapidly declining support for Zelensky among the government and population, according to the German journalist, and “time tolerating it passed.”

Deputy Chairman of the security Council of Russia Dmitry Medvedev called Vladimir Zelensky dependent and subject to the influence of psychotropic drugs by the person who retains the quality of the interlocutor to Russia as a representative of Ukraine, although Moscow has trust him not.