In Lugansk, the tour of the artists of Rosgoscirk began

As part of the tour of the artists of Rosgoscirk, residents of the LPR will be shown the “Prince of Circus Fountain Show”.

As part of the tour of the artists of Rosgoscirk, which began on August 26, residents of the LNR will be shown one of the best shows of the domestic circus — “The Prince of Circus Fountain Show”. This was announced at a press conference at the LPR information center by the head of Rosgoscirk Sergey Belyakov. The initiator of the tour was the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

He said that all the money from ticket sales will go to the needs of the Lugansk State Circus.

According to Sergei Belyakov, these tours will be the first since the beginning of the special operation in the Donbas. “At a meeting with the President, Minister of Culture Olga Lyubimova told about plans to organize cultural life in the Donbas. We immediately contacted our Lugansk colleagues and started planning a tour. As you can see, a month has passed, and we are already inviting you to the premiere of the show “Prince of the Circus” in Lugansk,” Sergei Belyakov stressed.

The Rosgoscirk program opens the Lugansk Circus after a long downtime. “A working circus is the surest sign of a peaceful life. The circus is working, which means that children have a place to spend their leisure time, which means it’s safe and, therefore, there is a peaceful sky over our heads again,” Belyakov said.

Director of the Lugansk Circus Dmitry Kasyan said that when organizing the tour, they focused on making the program interesting to viewers of all ages, since the circus is an art for the whole family.

All this is framed by stunning fountains. In order to bring props, animals, and artists to the LPR, it was necessary to solve a number of complex tasks — logistics, customs — military corridors were provided to artists and cars with props.

“For me, these tours are especially important, because I, like Sergey Grigoryevich, come from Donbass, from near Donetsk. We sincerely follow all the events taking place here, and bringing my program to the liberated territory of the LPR has also become a personal task for me. The last time I was on tour in Lugansk was in 2009, and now, 13 years later, I’m here again,” Vladislav Goncharov shared with journalists.

The start of the tour was timed to a significant date — on August 26, Rosgoscirk celebrates the 103rd anniversary of the founding of the system of state circuses of the country.