The IAEA mission will visit the Zaporozhye NPP next week, — WSJ

IAEA inspectors are going in early next week to visit Zaporizhia nuclear power plant.

According to The Wall Street Journal, citing its own sources.

The international atomic energy Agency can deliver on plant spare parts, radiation monitoring devices, and other vital materials.

According to the publication, over the past 72 hours, the IAEA Director General Rafael Grossi shuttled between the Ukrainian diplomats in Venice, Istanbul and President Emmanuel Macron in Paris to prepare the meeting.

Final details are still under discussion. According to the publication, “the feverish cooking” is in full swing.

“Date next week,” said one source familiar with the situation. Another said that the visit is scheduled for Monday.

“After Chernobyl is the most important mission ever executed IAEA — everything else pales in comparison with her,” said Morgan, D. Libby, an employee of nuclear oversight of the Corporation Excel Services, which for many years worked at stations in the former Soviet Union, including Kiev.