The military expert shared his forecasts about the timing of the special operation

Military expert Shurygin suggested that Ukraine will lose within 18 months, Russia has achieved great success during a special military operation, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation have gained invaluable experience.

Ukraine will eventually turn out to be the playing party, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will retreat within 18 months. Such forecasts about the timing of the special operation were shared by military expert, publicist Vladislav Shurygin in an interview with the newspaper “Vzglyad”.

“In six months, we managed to grind a significant part of the personnel, the most experienced and combat-ready units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in battles (…) As a result, the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine now has to plug holes at the front with hastily recruited, poorly armed and poorly trained units of the territorial defense forces, deprived of sane command,” he said.

“I’m still afraid of the open sky”Severodonetsk came under the control of the LPR. How did the townspeople survive the battles for the city?On August 8, 2022, the expert noted that “the side that lacks the political will, social stability and resources to continue hostilities will lose.”

In his opinion, it will be Ukraine. The publicist suggested that if force majeure does not happen, for example, the entry of Polish troops into Western Ukraine, “the Kiev regime will begin to crumble within 18 months.”

Shurygin said that this would not happen sooner, as the West would try to support the Ukrainian government for as long as possible. At the same time, Russia is interested in maintaining social stability, so it will not rush.

Earlier, security expert Robert Farley, in a publication for 19FortyFive, predicted that the AFU would suffer a crushing defeat if they tried to launch an offensive in the south of the country and in the Donbass. In his opinion, the choked offensive will reveal the gaps of the Ukrainian defense.