The 5th “road train” of “Rusvesny” went to the front of Donbass from Moscow (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

5-second “trailer” site “Russian Spring” went to the front of Donbass from Moscow.

Thank you:

♦ for UAZ “hunter” and “Niva” — Ilya from Peter;
♦ for the “Loaf” № 1 — two Alekseev from Obninsk;
♦ for “Loaf” No. 2 — the TV channel “Spas” and Catherine Markov;
♦ for Dehu — Alexandra from Moscow.

And gratitude able to arrange delivery of our volunteers Zubanova Alexei and Ivan Verbovsky.

Collected for 56 cars! Our readers from across the country make up for the loss of transport and help save the lives of soldiers.

Donbass defenders to make up for losses at the front required:

► Niva and UAZ, to evacuate the wounded “Loaves” and “fast”;
► “Sobol”, “Gazelle” vans etc. for staff;
► also, there are demands on trucks. And their is not enough…

Who is ready to transfer the machine, part, or to help with the renovation — communication via our bot in Telegram @rvvoenkor_bot or mail site