In Russia, mobile detachments of operators of combat drones are being created

Lasting for six months operation in Ukraine, revealed one of the many issues that were not sufficiently prepared our armed forces. It’s about a shortage in service with the Russian army unmanned aerial vehicles, at least warned about this in advance. In the end, the armed forces had, like many others, catch up on the go.

How Russia and LDNR prepare groups of combat UAVs in the report, “Reedus”.

The quantity and quality of

Incredible numerical superiority on the drones, which had the Ukrainian army since the beginning of the CBO over the past six months, was significantly replenished. The state defense order running at full speed, plus the front is an endless stream collected from all over the country and even from abroad, humanitarian aid. In addition to the development of the domestic defense, armed forces of the Russian Federation began to complement “home” copters, primarily products of the Chinese company DJI is known for her “navykami”.

Why is DJI, which apparently in this war, get rich, how few? After APU also prefer “miwiki”.

“Because it is optimally prepared for practical work copter. Terms of navigation, software, hardware, most of all,” says Petrovich, volunteer specialist UAV, a recognized expert and author of the channel “Operator walking grinder”.

According to the interlocutor of “Reedus” is “a consumer product is brought to mind and completely user-oriented”. Of counterparts, according to experts, one can cite the example of Apple products during the life of Steve Jobs. “Maybe there’s some other drones are better, but the DJI products is the best, in terms of price/quality/availability, and this is not advertising, it is a fact, proven by the demand,” concludes Petrovich.

In addition, respondents “Reedus” market experts say that DJI qualitatively study the issue of security. “Maliki” less fighting, but if I did, there’s no “cancellation”, in addition, DJI produce a sufficient number of parts for its products.

The market responds to the rapidly increasing demand accordingly. First, “mywiki” is not so easy to find in Russian stores, especially certain models Mavic 3 Pro. But the main thing is that the price tag has increased enormously. The average cost of production DJI is about twice the price, which is set initially by the manufacturer. This problem, however, systematically help front the volunteers decided quickly — already established numerous direct delivery “Shuttle method” of many countries in South-East Asia.

However, if the quantitative superiority of the APU in the question of the UAV to resolve failed, the quality remains.

“Enough to buy EN masse to the front of the copter at the price of a used car. For them and their service needs with appropriate expertise, which, as it turned out, not only in the army, but in General in Russia is not enough” — said in an interview with “Reedus” the head of the analytical Department of the International Eurasian movement Vladimir Kireev.

As a result, in some army divisions, according to the expert, where expensive drones become on balance, they soon lay “dormant” — well, who wants to be responsible for lost property.

And the war, because here’s the thing: drones shot down, intercept, suppress, in General fight with them in the sky as you can. Moreover, in this area the Ukrainian side too, at least not weaker than the Russian.

One should note that the special operation was cut on both sides of the conflict, an entire industry of professional craftsmen for the development of additional software products DJI her “flashing” and tuning. The fighting is actually also launched a war of specialists on improvements.

“But anyway, I’m in no event will not support variegated “sarapultsev”, there are a lot of professionals serious level, there are always new developments, and the training of specialists for work with the “mass” of the UAV is also qualitatively growing,” — said the author of the channel “Operator walking grinder”.

In confirmation of his words, the last few days in the vicinity of Moscow and Donetsk have been several interrelated significant events that may all the hopes to make a reality.

Learning how to fly and repair

Yesterday in the capital of the DPR took another practical and theoretical classes on tactical work with UAVs in the national centre for unmanned systems, created with the support of the head of the Republic Denis Pushilin.

As told to “Reedus” one of the leaders of the center, who wished to keep the name a secret, training courses under the guidance of experienced instructors were more than hundreds of military experts, operators, combat and reconnaissance drones. And vengeance is the training of mechanics to work with drones.

However, last Thursday in Donetsk centre classes might be historical. And not even because together with the founder of the Center Denis Pushilin attended the course and the first Deputy head of presidential administration Sergey Kiriyenko.

“Together with Sergey Kiriyenko transferred to educational management center UAV named after Vladimir Jogi 86 unmanned aerial vehicles from the Russian popular front”, — reported in the telegram-channel of Denis Pushilin. Some of them got fighters “Hispaniola”, military units were assembled from a number of football fans, which wrote “Ridus”.

Sent drones will become a solid part of the material base created “Española” mobile groups of operators combat and reconnaissance drones.

“In the ranks of the “Hispaniola” in particular, and due to the younger average age commanders, and the fact that football youth are passionate and developed throughout, including in the technical field, we were one of the first not only came to the conclusion that it is necessary to intensify the work with drones, but immediately, almost since the inception of our connection, we began work on the creation of an “air units”,” — said in an interview with “Reedus” the Spaniard, Stanislav Orlov the commander of the “Hispaniola”.

According to the interlocutor of “Reedus” he is very happy to start the system of interaction “Hispaniola” with the “Vostok” battalion managed by Alexander Khodakovsky. “Since mid-August, part of the “East” will join hundreds of fully-charged battle football fans of the best “moving” of Russia”, — said the Spaniard.

“So, it turned out that the “Vostok” battalion and its commander composition comprehensively attended to military-technical and engineering personnel training, and equipping it with all the most advanced technologies, says Orlov. — All learn about the legends and myths on the pages of various military-technical forums in the “East” and vengeance is already operated”.

“Obviously, our enthusiasm fruitfully will fall on already prepared the soil of the “East”,” — concluded the source “Reedus”.

As he said, his unit a month ago, has officially announced the creation of a “mobile brigade, UAV operators and other equipment.”

“Our ranks are already struggling and run the “eyes” the intelligence of experienced professionals. But now we are preparing a big strike group, — stated in the message of Hispaniola. — Now we gather all who are willing to enter the unit. Super gamers of all stripes, computer nerds and thugs veterans of cyber warfare, as well as a Pro in the management of drone technology, innovations of inventors and owners of other useful technical experience.”

“Reedus,” I managed to visit on one of the Moscow private airfields where hosted a gathering of instructors who will be engaged in preparation of a special squad “Hispaniola”. One of them was the same Petrovich, a recognized expert in the field of “grooveline”.

Below is the video footage of how will the training of future specialists in combat UAV.

Andrew Galuten