The price of electricity in France has broken a historical record

Eiffel tower in Paris with the backlighting. Archive photo

The wholesale price of electricity in France has reached a record high, topping the mark of 1 thousand euros per megawatt-hour is 1000% more than a year ago, the newspaper Figaro.

In the same period last year, the cost of electricity in the country was 85 euros per megawatt-hour, the newspaper notes.

It is reported that such price increases are a few reasons: limitations of Russian gas supplies to Europe over the conflict in Ukraine, and also stop in France of the work of several nuclear reactors due to corrosion. Currently in France there are only 24 of 56 nuclear reactors energy company EDF.

Earlier it was reported that the average price of electricity on the day-ahead, that is, on August 26, several States of the Union crossed the mark of 700 euros per megawatt-hour.