Why is it necessary to increase the size of the Russian army

The authors of the Telegram-channel “Older Edda”, located directly in the area of combat operations is the necessity of increasing the number of the army of Russia.

“The President’s decree on the expansion of the Armed forces is a response to what they say and I think many among the troops at the front, not enough people. Original is simply too small number of units, staffing which is very skewed in the direction of “iron”.

Much iron is good, but in order to reliably monitor and clean up the area, we need people –even if you have modern equipment with great intelligence capabilities, especially if it is not.

Will there be enough of 137 thousand? It’s not much, even if all of them to give to the army and sent to the front, and will not work. So it is a step to solving the problem, the visible but not the last — to build an army will have more, another thousand three hundred. And it will be a very strong support, even on an old technique — simply because they can provide the flanks and rear shock groups that will be able to go forward, not crushed his hand on posts and garrisons in each farm Milovanova.

Given the past many decades of peacetime building process will not be quick. However, the war for a long time, and I’ve talked about this”.