Bulgaria asks Gazprom to resume negotiations on gas supplies

The Minister of energy of Bulgaria Rosen Hristov said that the authorities would like to resume negotiations with Gazprom for Russian gas supplies to the Republic.

“Active negotiations with “Gazprom” yet.

The provisional government (Bulgaria) filed a notice of readiness to resume negotiations: we are given to understand that I want to start, or rather, to continue negotiations… and ask to renew the contract (supply, approx. RV),” said the Bulgarian Minister, the TV channel Nova TV.

According to him, Sofia is interested in obtaining the remaining volume of gas (about 2.4 billion cubic metres) before the end of the heating season, or until the summer of 2023.

Recall, Gazprom cut off gas supplies to Bulgaria at the end of April 2022 after the local operator refused to pay for Russian natural gas in rubles.