The CEO of Aeroflot assessed the effectiveness of the state support of the company

General Director of PJSC “Aeroflot” Sergei Alexander. Archive photo

The largest Russian airline “Aeroflot” received all the necessary support from the state, these measures are adequate, effective and exhaustive, said the CEO of the carrier Sergei Alexander at the meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“The overall situation, I appreciate very positively and consistently, especially through 2022. We actively fly thanks to the measures of state support and above all, of course, your support, Mr President, and the government of the Russian Federation”, – said Alexander.

“In addition to subsidies for passenger traffic is 50 billion has been allocated grant refunds of Aeroflot group 15 billion, a 12.5 we have already received. It was also decided to increase the share capital of the group “Aeroflot” company “Aeroflot” directly to the closure of our debt on credit, this was also discussed at our meetings. All these measures are, in my estimation, are adequate, effective and exhaustive for the group “Aeroflot”, said the CEO.

“All necessary support from the state, we have received”, he concluded.

Western countries in connection with the special operation in Ukraine has introduced tough anti-Russian sanctions. In particular, the EU banned the supply of Russian civil aircraft and parts, and the lessor is obliged to terminate the contract with the Russian airlines. Were banned and services maintenance and insurance of the aircraft, and the EU, USA, Canada and several other countries darkened the skies for Russian aircraft.

The Federal air transport Agency has recommended that the operators of the Russian Federation with the aircraft in foreign registries to suspend international flights to avoid the arrest or detention of aircraft registered abroad and by foreign lessors.