Germany has nothing left to supply Ukraine with weapons, the expert said

German anti-aircraft self-propelled unit Gepard. Archive photo

Germany could not supply Ukraine new effective weapons, as its own stock runs out, says doctor of military Sciences (Russia), Konstantin Sivkov.

Earlier, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz recalled the plan to transfer to Kiev has promised anti-aircraft self-propelled Gepard, howitzers and air defence Iris-T with the special radar. Thus, according to him, Germany would not supply weapons to Ukraine for attacks on the territory of Russia.

“On this subject has openly spoken in Germany, because Germany is nothing to deliver. They are everything I could to put the weapons systems, has already set,” said Sivkov.

In addition, the Chancellor is unlikely to want to be the country “were involved in the war against Russia,” the expert believes.

Assessment Sivkova, 35mm Gepard are “pretty mediocre weapon” with limited combat capabilities.

“This is quite an old system. Yes, the threat to aviation is, but it will be quickly destroyed,” said Sivkov.

He stressed that Germany is not going to supply Ukraine with modern tanks Leopard in the sixth and seventh modifications, with good penetration. These machines are now in Germany a little, and delivery not even going to Poland.

“So that’s it. Moreover, the growing conflict between Germany and Poland. Everything in the complex. The industry cannot produce modern weapons, because there is no gas supply. That’s the picture,” added the doctor of military Sciences.