The US warned about the “dramatic defeat” of Ukraine

Columnist 19Fortyfive Farley said that Kiev will lose territories in the event of a counteroffensive, the armed forces of Ukraine (AFU) will suffer a crushing defeat if they try to launch an offensive in the south of the country and in the Donbass, security expert Robert Farley said in a publication for 19FortyFive.

According to him, Russia’s counterattack will lead to the loss of even more territories by Kiev, and will also give Moscow advantageous negotiating positions.

“An unsuccessful counteroffensive will be a dramatic defeat for Ukraine. In addition to the political consequences (which will include an increase in the morale of the Russian army and the loss of support for Ukraine in the West), the choked offensive will open gaps in the Ukrainian defense, which will allow Russia to seize additional territories during counterattacks,” Farley wrote.

He was also critical of the tactics of the APU strikes on the rear of the Allied forces. “Armies, as a rule, do not fall apart from exhaustion alone. In order to achieve strategic success, strikes on communications must be accompanied by the liberation of real territory,” the expert explained.

On the eve of the Ukrainian Armed Forces serviceman said that now the offensive of Ukraine on Kherson is not even discussed. According to him, the main problem for Kiev is the superiority of Russian artillery.