Observers told about the preparations for a Single day of voting

Preparation of the polling station. Archive photo

Observers record a small percentage of refusals in registration of candidates for elections in September 2022, the high competition and a small violations during the election campaign, which are not serious about it RIA Novosti was told by the representatives of the public monitoring, actively leading the preparations for a single day of voting.

A single day of voting (EDG) will be held September 11, 2022. Direct vote will be elected 14 governors, deputies of the legislative Assembly and six of the 12 gOrdUm administrative centers. In some regions, elections will be held for three days from 9 to 11 September. For example, three days will be a vote in Moscow on elections of municipal deputies.

Competition and violations

Earlier, the Chairman of the CEC of Russia Ella Pamfilova said that the competition in the elections of governors will average five contenders for the spot. In the elections to the legislative assemblies of six regions competing on a single district has averaged more than six parties to place.

As noted by the Chairman of the Association “Independent public monitoring” Alexander Brod, this year the level of competition is high as in the elections of heads of regions, and the election of legislative bodies of state power of subjects.

In addition, the Executive Director of the Association Alena Bulgakova stressed that the independent observations recorded an unprecedented small percentage of refusals in registration of candidates.

“And it is proof that today the landscape of party politics – it is built, functioning with mutual respect to each other participants in the electoral process,” she said.

The co-Chairman of the public movement “Russia chooses” Aleksandr zakuskin said that irregularities in the registration of candidates during the campaign recorded.

“Somewhere campaign is very “thin and quiet”, somewhere in there. According to the results of observations planned all violations to organize and recommendations EDG transfer to the CEC,” he said.

However, according to Ford, the major problems in the period of the promotion is not observed, but discreditation elections using traditional technique.

“A number of materials in the media about the activities of the candidates of the heads of constituent entities idea how illegal campaigning. We interpret these estimates as the manipulation of law and misrepresentation of uncommitted voters. Such materials in the media are not propaganda, this is the usual information on the current activities of officials”, he concluded.

The attempts to discredit the elections also previously said Pamfilova at the meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. She noted that emigrated from Russia after the start of operation in the Ukraine “entrenched” in the Baltic republics and decided to launch the “bubbles fakes” on the electoral processes in Russia, but they are able to cope.

Training and interaction

Training observers actively in all regions where elections will be held in a single voting day, the public staffs actively collaborate with the political parties to exchange experiences and opinions, told the representatives of the monitoring.

Representatives of 16 Russian political parties and the Public chamber of the Russian Federation (OP of the Russian Federation) had previously signed an agreement on cooperation and interaction in order to ensure monitor during a single day of voting.

The Association of Independent public monitoring” is in close contact with public offices for election observation, which are created in almost all regions. In the regions Pula regional experts – political scientists, sociologists, legal scholars, opinion leaders, who are monitoring all stages of the electoral process, including registration, campaigning candidates,” said Ford.

According to Bulgakova, the training of observers to the election goes to the beginning of the electoral process on the grounds of public headquarters, functioning in all regions of the Russian Federation.

“The signing of an agreement with the political parties is a continuation of the fruitful work being done for several years, and, in fact, the biggest burden of responsibility rests on the shoulders of the regions are the regional offices of political parties, public headquarters, and it is very important that they interact, and that this agreement is really a working tool of interaction between civil society institutions and public Commerce, and political parties,” she said.

Public movement “Russia chooses” in the coming EDG focus mainly on campaigns at the municipal level, which will coincide with the elections of governors or legislatures regions, shared zakuskin.

“At the moment the planned observation in 12 regions of the country, among these entities is: Tver oblast, Moscow oblast, Yaroslavl oblast, Tambov oblast, Omsk oblast, Primorye, and a few other subjects, and Moscow, where we have an agreement with several independent candidates in municipal deputies, and we plan to put more than 100 observers in the capital,” he said.

Now the movement is actively engaged in the preparation of regional headquarters and fastening at the precinct election commissions, given the fact that a lot where elections will be held for three days, with one of them – a full day of work for many, also said zakuskin.