Taiwan handed over 800 bomber drones to Ukraine (+VIDEO)

800 drones-bombers, the short range was transferred to Ukraine Taiwan, this writes the German newspaper Bild.

Drone Revolver 860 can carry up to eight 60-mm mortar shells, resettable by rotating the drum, like a revolver.

It is reported that the Taiwanese company DronesVision has put Mat drones through Poland, from March 2022 selling them to the poles, and they have resold them to the Ukrainians. In DronesVision said that we are talking about 800 UAV, writes Taiwan News.

Strong disadvantages Revolver 860 — the speed of the machine is not above 30 km/h, with his large frame could make him an easy target.

The UAV is equipped with eight propellers, arranged in pairs on 4 farms and attached to a Central platform.