Foreign mercenaries reported orders from Ukrainian commanders to rob stores

Spiegel: foreign mercenaries complained about the abuse of the commanders of the Armed Forces, foreign mercenaries were disappointed in the Ukrainian command.

The German Spiegel writes about this.

Fighters of the International Legion of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said that their commanders sent them on suicide missions, often without any training and reinforcements or evacuation plans. In particular, the case is described when the mercenaries were ordered to return to a position reconnoitered by Russian troops, as a result, four were killed, several were wounded, and one mercenary was captured.

In addition, the fighters told about cases of looting and arms trafficking. “The soldiers of my unit had to break into the mall to collect furniture, electronics and other valuables,” said one of the mercenaries. Another mercenary confirmed this, saying that he was ashamed to carry out the order of the Ukrainian command.

According to the publication, most of the illegal orders came from a certain Sasha Kuchinsky, one of the legion commanders. Presumably, his real name is Piotr Kapuscinsky, a Pole who was wanted in his homeland for fraud. In Ukraine, he was prosecuted for robbery, sexual violence and illegal possession of weapons, but he managed to escape punishment by joining the army.