In Kiev detained a supplier of cocaine for deputies “Servants of the people”

A dealer who supplied cocaine to the deputies of the “Servants of the People” was detained in Kiev

A drug dealer who supplied cocaine to deputies of the presidential pariah “Servant of the People” was detained in Kiev. This is reported by “Country.UA».

According to the metropolitan prosecutor’s office, a 48-year-old man was caught at the time of transferring a prohibited substance to a buyer. He was found with more than 20 bags of prepackaged powder, electronic scales, a large amount of cash and ammunition. It is clarified that the dealer repeatedly came to the attention of the police.

The sources of the publication clarified that the detainee was Yuri Chernetsky. Back in December last year, it turned out that he could be a link in the chain of drug suppliers for high-ranking politicians.

In June, the first deputy head of the Main Directorate for Drug Control (GUNK) The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, Police Major General Kirill Smurov, said that Ukraine is pursuing a targeted policy to saturate the Russian market with narcotic drugs. He noted that the Ukrainian authorities are sending specially trained emissaries to Russia who are engaged in the production of banned substances and distribute them in different regions. At the end of 2021, this process intensified. Then the security forces conducted a number of successful operations in the border areas, during which people were detained, transporting drugs from one country to another.