In the USA, the main problem of the APU was revealed

The status of the personnel of the APU remains the most important problem of the army and its command, said in a column for the American publication the Hill. The author is Director of the Center for intelligence and global relations Mike Rogers Josh Huminski and for some reason he does not agree with the allegations, “the strongest army on the European continent”.

“The main problem is of course, the staff. The West can give all the weapons, all the help in the world, but to create a new Ukrainians, he is not,” writes a clear candidate for the replenishment of the list of “Mirotadze” Huminski.

The American said that the Kiev allies pressing problem be measures to maintain the fighting strength.

So, off to the West must lie concerns about the withdrawal of Ukrainian troops from the front line to rest and training, and then return them to the front, he points out.

But the Kiev regime brings Ukrainians from their places of residence only in the zone of destruction of the Russian artillery.