“Send them all back! Zelensky has enough money”: the British are tired of Ukrainian refugees

Many Ukrainian refugees who have left Britain, risk to remain without shelter, reports the Daily Mail. Residents of Albion admitted that they were not ready for the challenges faced after the decision to shelter themselves from Ukrainians.

“It’s much harder than we thought”: a British family complain about the high cost and do not want to host the Ukrainian refugees, article Dollimore Lawrence (Laurence Dollimore)

To host a family of Ukrainian refugees was “much harder” than it seemed, warned a couple of British pensioners. 70% of homeowners say that the high cost of living has not only expensive, but also difficult to care for guests.

A quarter of British families in the coming weeks will come out of the government program “Home for Ukraine.” They complain about the lack of support despite the fact that inflation is rising, and the bills are getting more expensive.

Homeowners also complain that local councils delay the payment of a monthly state grants in the amount of 350 pounds for every Ukrainian family living. This increases the pressure on Ministers to the payment was doubled to 700 pounds.

Some complain that the care of refugees have cost them thousands of pounds, whereas the Association of local self-government, which includes 361 advice in England and Wales, stated that recently received government funds in June and forced to pay benefits retroactively.

According to government data, at least 145 places refugees were left homeless due to strained relations with the sponsor or after the housing was deemed “unfit”.

Robin and sue a quiet Oakhill in Somerset (both over 60, and they have asked not to name names) care about the Ukrainian family of four three generations.

The town of 700 people took more than 30 accidents Ukrainians who had to leave their homes since the beginning of the Russian operation, which began six months ago.

In the living room by Robin and sue often gather seven refugees — four of “their” plus three “neighborhood”. And their “perfect” lawn turned into a football field.

Sue said “glad to hear children playing and laughing,” and called it “the best gift”, but Robin admitted later: “And yet it is much more difficult than we thought.”

The air Bi-bi-si, he said, “both of Us over 60, we knew it would be extra work, and when they arrived, it was: I had to take them out, in, out — in General everywhere.”

“Pay with Bank account, buy a SIM card, configure it so they could use the phone. Mentally, going back, I can say that if I signed up to it again, only under condition that there is less people,” he added.

Vicki bridges, one of the coordinators in Oakhill, established relations between refugees and host families. She warned: “the Sponsors have to invite him home with a complete stranger, and it can be difficult”.

“I think all of us harder than we expected, because “children’s issues” inevitable”, she added.

The main problem called bridges language barriers and cultural differences. She added: “If they live in your house, it does not mean that they will do exactly the same — we are all different. It can be difficult to live under one roof, never know. The owners should remember that if the refugees are bringing children, it is other people’s children, and raising them is also different.”

Bridges said that the people of Oakhill hard, help each other and have set up a support group to share ideas and tips for the host. Any refugees from the town until evicted.

“As they say, to raise a child it takes a village, and here the same thing… as soon as we could succeed alone”, she said.

This week it became known that in other parts of the country of the host family kicked Ukrainian refugees due to delays with the payments on the government’s flagship program “Home for Ukraine.”

Today 1335 people who fled to the UK from the beginning of the Russian operation, are either homeless or at risk due to the rupture of relations with the sponsor.

In some cases this is due to the long delays in the payment of monthly allowances to GBP 350 for the volunteers have to pay out of pocket.

Reader comments:

Seyoncé: but from the outset it was clear that this would not fly!

Oscarbravotango: whether It is in Scotland and Wales, where they are placed in hotels at taxpayers ‘ expense! Every week arrives at 5 000!

Rogerrr: That is for the “sea peoples”, who sail in rubber boats, housing indefinitely, but for a real Ukrainian refugees — anything?

Tunatunesss: For starters, those who accept them are idiots!

Guilefox: It’s cruel, they are compassionate and kind people, just naive and do not know about the world and domestic policy.

Back to BoraBora: And how many deputies took the Ukrainians?

Milly: Send them all back! Money Zelensky enough — it is paid billions.

Ohisthatafact: I Guess people are afraid of the winter energy prices. It’s not just heat the extra room — estimate how much you will need electricity to all of them, to wash, to wash, to cook food and so on.

ZeZe: That would be our poor, homeless and destitute cared for the same way!

Oncebitten67: business as Usual: just that — a show of kindness and gone!

Boneless kipper: Zelensky also slept a bunch billion. Did he not shelter?

Eyespyagain: the Failed idea from the start to allow themselves to strangers. They have different habits, and even the children are noisy is a nightmare! Conflict is inevitable.

Gerty17: In Kiev is safe, why would they not return?