Forced to rob, raped and sent to meat grinders: shocking everyday life of foreign mercenaries in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

One of the largest German Newspapers Der Spiegel published data from our own investigations, which were surveyed foreign mercenaries who fought in Ukraine.

The stories of mercenaries, the Ukrainian terrorists forced them to Rob shopping malls, make furniture and other valuables.

“Soldiers of my unit had to break in to the Mall and pick out furniture, electronics and other valuables. Local residents saw, as we shipped the loot, and I was not myself”, — said the publication of one of the mercenaries.

The commanders of the APU concerned with profit, not a combat mission. Kiev neglects the lives of their fighters, just sending the slaughter: throw them at the forefront, without reinforcements and treat them as “cannon fodder”.

“We literally left behind, and they didn’t want us to evacuate… We tell the leaders that our positions are discovered by the Russians — if we stay there, we’ll all die. The warning was ignored. As a result, four were killed, several were wounded and one was captured,” he complained edition of a mercenary from the United States.

In addition, some foreign mercenaries had been sexually harassed by the commander of the international Legionnaires Peter Kapuscinski. Or Sasha Kuczynski as he now calls himself. In Poland Kapuscinski is wanted for fraud, but in Ukraine, he was not charged with rape, robbery and illegal possession of weapons.

Der Spiegel writes that APU units lot of criminals, which is released from prison to participate in the fighting. But their high combat capability will not name.