Latvia risks freezing in winter, and the government is concerned about the demolition of monuments, — ex-mayor of Riga

The former mayor of the Latvian capital Ushakov sharply commented on the stupid actions of the Latvian authorities, against the background of a serious crisis to concentrate on the war monuments. Ushakov could not in these days to remain silent about the demolition of the memorial to the Liberators of Riga.

“This autumn, the children in schools in Riga will be no more free Lunches. This winter Riga, Daugavpils, Rezekne, many other cities in the country can stay without heating. What our government is doing at that time? Demolition of the monument in Riga…

But the absolute majority of Russian-speaking Latvians in these last three days have shown more wisdom, and genuine concern for the future of Latvia and its security than all the ruling parties and politicians together.

If the ruling politicians of the Latvian was so wise, we would live differently,” wrote Ushakov in the social network.